Ok so if you’re about to be a first time dog owner here are just a few (there’s definitely lots more) things you should consider purchasing before you bring your fur baby home.

1. A crate

These are great for providing your puppy with a of home-away-from-home. Once you have your puppy crate-trained, they’ll have a den to hang out it and relax.

2. Dog bed/bedding

It would be nice to have a few of these played out in different spots of the house. It’s a comfy spot for your puppy to cozy up to you. Make sure to keep an eye on your puppy if you put bedding in their crate. this is just to avoid accidents or hazards from chewing on the bedding.

3. Leash

Definitely a must have since you will be going on walks with your puppy. It gets pretty cold here in Canada so I would also recommend getting a leash with metal hardware (the clips or buckles). Plastic ones can freeze and break and we all know what happens when an excited puppy or dog is off leash! Catch me if you can!

4. Harness

This is optional. You should observe your dog and do your research about harnesses. Some dog owners just prefer a leash and others feel it’s safer to have the harness on. Go with what works for you and your puppy.

5. Poop Bags

You’ll need these on your daily walks and it would be great to keep a bag of them in your car too!

6. Pee Pads

When you’re training your new puppy, you might need a good bit of these to avoid accidents on the floor. Pee pads with plastic lining= no leaks:)

7. Toys

Loads of fun and relaxing. Interactive toys are great for when you’re playing with your puppy. Best to play with under some supervision because they may have bits or fibres that can be hazardous when chewed or swallowed. Chewy toys are great when you’re not constantly watching your puppy.

8. Food and water dishes

Try out some stainless steal or ceramic dishes. Lets do our bit for the environment and try go plastic free!

You’re a kinda organized fur-baby parent now! Have fun:)