There’s a really huge wave of body positive activism today and we love the idea and the message behind it. Loving yourself as you are. Not having to feel like you are less-than or abnormal or weird. It’s truly a beautiful message and we are alive in a time where society is becoming more and more inclusive and open-minded.

-BUT – 

Be aware of some body positive activists spreading a message that might not be that good. Now, there is no ‘perfect body’. Yes, you should love yourself and take care of yourself. In a perfect world, we shouldn’t speak badly or disregard anyone based on what they look like, but, we also need to be careful about how we speak about and advocate body positivity. 

Body positivity is sometimes wrongly used as an excuse or weapon against discussions about the harmful effects of obesity and how it’s affecting children too. Doing “…whatever you want” makes you happy but doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good for you. We can all do what we want with our bodies but we have to be mindful about how we convey this message to everyone, especially those of impressionable ages. 

I have my fair share of insecurities but I love myself and know I could do better taking care of myself by eating wholesome foods and being more active throughout the week. This is not to please anyone or to get attention, but for my own health reasons.  

It’s good to be aware of your lifestyle choices to improve the quality of your life and for longevity. (And that applies to everyone of us big, small, tall, short etc). Don’t be easily offended when someone points that out. It’s just facts. I am not a Health and Nutrition professional but if you see you are living a sedentary lifestyle you can definitely make a change to that if you want. Key words, “if you want.” because it’s a choice. No-one should ever force you to change yourself (even this article). You are the only one who should make decisions for you.  

No you don’t have to hit the gym hard 24/7, go on an insanely restrictive ‘diet’ or have abs of steel , but don’t let people spreading the wrong message about what “body positivity” is discourage you from adopting a healthy lifestyle that makes your mind and body happy. 

True body positivity doesn’t encourage people to accept bad lifestyle choices and be completely oblivious about it. From those who share the good message, it really should be about loving and taking care of oneself and encouraging the world and society to see and accept that all people are unique and therefore, beautiful. (Because if we all looked the same that would be boring, right?).