There are so many skincare products out there and it can be really hard to come up with a solid routine when there’s a lot to choose from. We’re gonna take a look at different products, what they are, what they do and what order to layer them. Feel free to click the titles to see links to my personal favourites.

So, get comfy, grab a cup of tea (or wine), slap on your fave hydrating mask and lets talk…skincare!

Typical daytime routine

Start the day feeling fresh. Here’s how (in the exact order)…

  1. Cleanser: This cleans any oil, makeup and all sorts of gunk off the surface of your skin. There are many different types. Oil cleansers bind with oily residue on your skin. When you wash them off, the oil cleanser lifts these oily impurities. Be aware that when oil cleanser arent rinsed off thoroughly, the build can cause clogged pores, breakouts or milia. Liquid cleansers include foam(+ for oily skin), gel(+for oily skin) and milk/cream cleansers(+for normal/dry skin). Pick one that works with your skin type and use warm water to rinse off.
  2. Toner: A lot of people tend to be scared of this step because of the old notion that toners are harsh on the skin. Not anymore. Toners help restore pH balance after cleansing, deliver antioxidants to our skin and some are deeply hydrating too. For dry skin, consider toners with hyaluronic acid for extra hydration. One of my favourite toners is most definitely the
  3. Serum: This is a great step because serums tend to be concentrated and loaded with nutrients to tackle certain skin concerns such as large pores, uneven skin tone, dull skin etc. It’s important you use serums after toning to get the best results. You can choose any serum that suits your skin type (and budget) from the many options out there.
  4. Moisturizer: This helps retain moisture and hydrate the skin. they are also great for protecting you for harsh environmental conditions. There are different types of moisturizers: gels, lotions, creams and ointments. Gels are my personal favourite because I have sensitive combination skin. They are hydrating and have a cooling, soothing effect on my skin. If you have dryer skin lotion and creams might be a better option for you. They are denser than gels which are more lightweight.
  5. Sunscreen: I hope you didn’t think moisturizers were the last step! That’s right, we need sunscreen to protect us from damaging UV rays. There are two types of sunscreen. Chemical and Physical. Although chemical sunscreen layers flawlessly under makeup, if you have sensitive skin, these types can be irritating to your skin. Physical sunscreens have active minerals that protect our skin from the sun however tend to leave w white film because of that. Remember sunscreen doesn’t stop UV rays, it just limits the number of rays entering the skin by as much as 95%.

(*Disclaimer*: I am not a dermatologist or health care practitioner. If you are on a doctor-prescribed skin plan please stick to it. What works for one may not work for the other.)

I regret taking such good care of my skin….

– said noone ever