We see it everywhere…Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, the Kardashian/Jenner unit, your Insta-feed, in college. The list goes on. Girl squads have been a thing for a while and it could make you feel like if you’re not in it then theres something wrong with you. But really, there’s nothing wrong with you.

I woke up one morning and I was scrolling through my instagram and kept coming across these glossy, almost-perfection girl friends pictures and wondered if I was possibly one of a few who wasn’t in some kind of tight-knit, ride-or-die, BFFs girl squad. Super easy to feel insecure about not having a ‘place’ in a unit.

Guess what! You’re not missing out on anything. We tend to invest time and emotions into friendships so it’s not surprising that you value the individual relationships you have with various people.


Friends aren’t limited to groups. They also look like that Thursday coffee with your roommate, weekly workout sessions with your new gym buddy or the girl in Maths class who invited you to a game night and now you play Scrabble over wine after midterms.

And just because the friends you have don’t necessarily hang out together, or have a group chat that’s active every hour of the day, doesn’t make you weird or “anti-social”. That’s just how you go about making meaningful relationships.


I’ve met several amazing women from various backgrounds and I’ve made good friends with some of them too. We are not bashing anyone with a group of gal pals and I’m not saying I don’t have close friends (I do, really). But, as I get older, I am naturally stepping away from the notion that I “need” a squad, a clique, an entourage. And if you’re like that too, and you’re alive and well, then I guess we’ve figured out that we can totally function sans #girlsquad.