It’s the Saturday afternoon after a tedious work week and it’s your turn to host game night tonight with a few friends. Totally psyched…until you open the fridge and realize *cue doomsday music* the fridge is empty!

Charcuterie boards are a go-to, especially when you’re a little pressed for time. And if you’re very organized and have extra time, you can go the extra mile to make yours fancier, colourful and even have some homemade hummus. Pair it with a nice wine or rosé and don’t forget to cater for any friends who take non-alcoholic beverages. 

The size of your charcuterie will vary depending on the size of the crowd your hosting, your budget, tastes and so on. Be creative and have fun with it. And don’t forget to snap a pic for your insta-story before everyone tucks in!

What you’ll need for a last minute charcuterie.

There really isn’t a measure to all of the elements you’ll add to your board and thankfully, there’s no cooking involved! Here’s a few things you’ll need to get started.

If you’re in a hurry, try keep it simple.

A wooden board or stoneware serving plate. (My favourite kitchenware comes from This is not sponsored, it’s just a personal fave.)

Fruit: Sliced or in small pieces for an easy grab. Like grapes or sliced apples.

Crackers: All kinds. Plain, seasoned or multigrain.

Nuts: Of your choice. Cashew and Macadamia nuts are my favourite.

Cheese: Of your choice. Feel free to splurge a little more on a delicious cheese.

Hummus: Vegan or not, you can substitute the cheese with hummus doused in evoo for extra indulgence.

Meats: Salami or any spiced, cured and sliced meat.

Bread: Sour dough bread is a good option but again any of your choice will do.

All done? Time to sit back and enjoy!