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- For anyone's culinary taste or preference -

Five-Star Restaurant

Mon. - Sun.

Open at 7pm

9 or 12 courses, from Tsh 20,000 per person

The Art of Cuisine

Garden is our fine-dining restaurant. Taste the best of Africa.

+335 (0) 95 552 55 81


Mon. - Sun.

Open at 7pm

Full selection of teas, coffee, wine & spirits…

Bar & Cafe

Snappy and Tasty

Torino is our more laid back restaurant, oriented for less formal and more youth and fun audience

+335 (0) 95 552 55 81


the"Boom" bar

Wed. - Sun.

9pm – 4am

the "Boom" Bar will give you the best time

no reservations. just come. enjoy.

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Everything you can taste, you can enjoy with us

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