Now Reading: Culture Shock: TikToker’s Ukrainian Boyfriend Reacts to Massive Canadian Food Packages


Culture Shock: TikToker’s Ukrainian Boyfriend Reacts to Massive Canadian Food Packages

svgJanuary 31, 2024LifestyleAnita Crawford

TikTok continues to offer us glimpses into the everyday lives of people from different corners of the globe. One recent video that caught the attention of viewers around the world features a TikToker’s boyfriend from Ukraine, whose mind was blown by the sheer size of food packages in Canada.

The North American way is synonymous with “big,” and Canada is no exception. From colossal trucks to sprawling houses, everything seems larger than life. The Ukrainian visitor couldn’t believe his eyes when he stepped into a Canadian grocery store. The video humorously highlights his astonishment at the massive food packages, starting with the quirky measurements, like 3.87L drinks.

One intriguing observation is the boyfriend’s confusion over the seemingly random measurements, like 3.87L. This confusion arises from converting gallons to liters, creating numbers that might seem odd to those unfamiliar with the North American measurement system. He playfully commented on the abundance of popcorn, jokingly questioning if it’s meant for the entire cinema.

The revelation continues as the video showcases other eye-popping quantities – 2kg of peanut butter, 4L of ice cream, 2.27kg of lasagna, and more. For many Canadians, these quantities are standard, but the Ukrainian visitor couldn’t help but express his amazement. What he might not understand, as the video emphasizes, is that these packages aren’t meant to be consumed in one day. The responsibility lies with the consumer to ration the food wisely.

Interestingly, the video taps into a broader trend of North American food portions being larger than those in Europe. Comments flooded in from viewers worldwide, with one suggesting, “Take him to Costco. He’ll lose his mind. Lol,” highlighting the well-known retail giant’s reputation for selling oversized food packages.

Among the comments, one user, Jesse Hassell, addressed the misconception that you have to eat everything at once: “@Jesse Hassell: Why do people from other countries think you have to eat it all at once. It’s a big bag/bottle, so it lasts a while.” The notion of “Canadian schizophrenia” was brought up by @jankowalski9266, who humorously noted the metric system’s presence but questioned the uniformity in packaging sizes.

The video also shed light on the cultural differences around food consumption. A user named @lyersinia emphasized the different meanings of saying “I ate the entire bag of chips in Canada,” while @percypickle suggested that Europeans might be shocked by these sizes due to faster food spoilage and less frequent shopping habits.

This TikTok video not only entertains but also sparks reflection on the cultural nuances tied to something as basic as grocery shopping. It serves as a reminder that even the seemingly mundane aspects of daily life can be a source of fascination and cultural exchange. So, the next time you grab a 4L ice cream tub, remember – it’s not a challenge; it’s just a North American way of life.


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    Culture Shock: TikToker’s Ukrainian Boyfriend Reacts to Massive Canadian Food Packages