Now Reading: TikToker Spills the Beans on Canada’s Quirky Side – From Plastic Money to Polite Cars!


TikToker Spills the Beans on Canada’s Quirky Side – From Plastic Money to Polite Cars!

svgFebruary 1, 2024TravelAnita Crawford

Canada, a land of diverse landscapes and friendly faces, has always been a hot spot for tourists and immigrants alike. A TikTok video shed light on some intriguing aspects of life in the Great White North, offering a unique perspective on Canadian quirks.

The video kicks off with a bold statement: “the money is made of plastic, so you can wash it.” Here, the TikToker is referring to Canada’s innovative polymer banknotes, a testament to the country’s commitment to quality currency. These bills not only outshine traditional paper money but also prove to be more durable and hygienic.


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The TikToker then takes us to the shower, claiming that water pressure adjustments are a rare luxury in Canada. While this might hold true for some faucets, it’s essential to note that not all showers adhere to this binary system. Regardless, the point adds an amusing touch to the exploration of Canadian daily life.

A surprising revelation follows as the TikToker observes the absence of switches on power sockets, a distinct North American feature. The aesthetic appeal is highlighted, although safety concerns are briefly acknowledged. This sparks an interesting debate about design preferences versus practicality in different parts of the world.

Next on the list of Canadian peculiarities is the mandatory mention of calories, whether you’re dining out or buying groceries. Of course, Canada has a law requiring nutritional labelling on prepackaged food, promoting a health-conscious lifestyle. Although the same doesn’t necessarily apply to restaurants, this nuance showcases Canada’s dedication to transparency in dietary information.

One striking observation is the courtesy displayed by Canadian drivers towards pedestrians. The TikToker notes that when crossing the road, cars patiently wait, fostering a safer society. Comments flood in, with some echoing the sentiment that this is the norm in Canada, while others draw comparisons with the driving styles in the neighboring United States.

Among the engaging comments, one user asserts, “@meme: blud all of that is normal,” reinforcing the notion that these quirks are ingrained in Canadian life. Another user humorously adds, “@Eat_grass: That’s just America but with two changes,” highlighting the subtle yet distinct differences between the two neighboring nations.

However, not everyone agrees with the observations. A comment from “@Notsomuchblue” challenges the claim about water pressure, emphasizing the variety of tap options available in Canada.

This TikTok video provides a captivating glimpse into Canada’s unique nuances, sparking discussions and offering viewers a chance to ponder the cultural differences that make the country stand out. Whether it’s the polymer money, shower experiences, or road-crossing etiquette, Canada continues to fascinate with its blend of tradition, innovation, and societal values.


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    TikToker Spills the Beans on Canada’s Quirky Side – From Plastic Money to Polite Cars!